Attractive! Alluring! Beauty! Desire! Glamour is an impression that shown from Velvet Sky theme. This is a challenge for us in visualizing something that defines a reflection of luxury. Overview of the Beauty, Life, and Pleasure. Velvet Sky, become an e-commerce theme that provides an atmosphere full of charm. We did a lot of customization; the featured product on homepage, the category product, the product detail. Thus, become more Stimulating – customers want to explore more about the products offered, and be Persuasive – convincing customers towards the need to purchase products offered.

Velvet Sky, “stomping” our reflective desire to provide a feeling of comfort in shopping experience. So, blazing the concept about an attractive shopping place that full of sophisticated things. Customers can be satisfied by making them feel “closer” with the products they want to buy and get “spoiled” with informative products. As well as a luxurious shopping atmosphere.

We believe that the communicative design can be an impressive and a brainy store keeper! Customers can found the items needed without being confused, and are able to recognize products before any purchase decisions. Treat your customers as if they are a part of you! Endulge your customers well, and start by building a personal relation between you and your customers. Have a great time with the theme!

You can see the preview of Velvet Sky theme on Smashing Magazine