As many peoples emailed us asking about velvet sky, so we create this Velvet Sky FAQ.

Q. Could i use this with prestashop others than prestashop ?
A. No you cant, velvet sky is based on prestashop theme files, it wont 100% works on newer version of prestashop.

Q. Why i see blog look like, i need an online store ?
A.  Velvet sky for online store is based on prestashop, so ensure you download the right theme. As for the blog, we use wordpress 3.1.x version

Q. Where could i download the prestashop theme and wordpress theme ?
A. You could download it from smashingmagazine, use this link

Q. Do you provide support for this theme ?
A. We provided the velvet sky theme as it is. We dont offer support for free theme.

Q. How can i remove dapurpixel logo at prestashop footer ?
A. Go to your modules/blockcms folder, and open the blockcms.tpl file

Q. How can i remove dapurpixel at the wordpress footer ?
A. Open index.php and find the word dapurpixel at the bottom.

Q. How can i change facebook and twitter in wordpress ?
A. When you install the velvet sky theme on wordpress, in the admin page you should see velvet sky theme function tab on the sidebar. You could upload the logo and change twitter username there.

Q. For Prestashop theme, why is the comboslider give me an error ?
A. Please make sure that you use prestashop, we dont guarantee comboslider module will work on latest prestashop versions.

Q. Why velvet sky for prestashop newsletter give me an error, “email already registered”
A. Unhook the news letter block from the sidebar.

Q. Why my prestashop top menu is disorganized ?
A. Please check you logo size. The default size for prestashop velvet sky logo is 148 x 18.

Q. Do you provide stylesheet reference for us to change the color ?
A. Na, we dont provide that kind of thing and we dont have any obligation to provide it.

Q. How to remove Dapurpixel logo at footer ?
A. There is no obligation for you to keep the Dapurpixel logo at the footer, but we will very grateful if  you could leave Dapurpixel logo as it is.

1. Go to /modules/blockcms folder, and open blockcms.tpl
2. Find <!– Copyright –> and right below it you will see code for removing Dapurpixel credit.
3. For removing the logo, go to /themes/velvetsky/css/modules/blockcms folder
4. Open the blockcms.css and find the following code #dapurpixel at the end of the file. You could delete it and its value.