When I was trying to upload an image of a product in the Catalog tab, I got this error message :

error 1. image format not recognized, allowed formats are: .gif, .jpg, .png

That’s weird, I already upload the correct image format which is .jpg. Then I try to change the image format to .png, and I still got that error message. So I decided to do some googling and found a very simple solution for this error. It says, this error is a hosting related settings.

OK, now here’s the solution. Open the images.inc.php file, and go to line 58 and 59. Give a comment in front of the code below :

// if (!isPicture($file))
// return Tools::displayError('image format not recognized, allowed formats are: .gif, .jpg, .png');

That should do the trick to handle the error. Don’t forget to backup your images.inc.php file first before you do this. Hope this simple solution could help you, like it help me :)