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CSS: Sliding Door, make the button fits with the text! Part 3

A Quick Tut about Sliding Door Buttons – Input and Button Tag

A refreshing memory: When CSS provides styling properties, actually we can do some buttons done. However, CSS’ made button isn’t so attractive; plain, blocky, or in one word, plain. To get rid of this problem, inserting an image is the best solution available. Then the next problem appears; the image doesn’t fit with overflowing button caption, and since we can’t resize the caption directly, it leaves a bad-looking button appearance.

As I’ve explained in Creating Sliding Door Button – Anchor Tag, making a button with dynamic resizing capability is possible and applicable to <button> and <input> tag. But in this case, it’s a bit trickier since in <a> tag we use <span> tag and basically, we have a <button> and <input> in clickable button shape.

So first we must get rid of the default <button> and <input> style. Insert in your CSS sheet. Those lines will leave buttons less stylish. :lol:

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